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Release Notes: The EL_SHELL environment variable was added when using EL_CONNECTION_METHOD=none. *TIMESTAMP output now goes to the *LOG file. *LOGAPPEND now correctly appends to the default log file name. String, math, search/replace, and concat functions were added. *NOINCLUDE was added to prevent include files from being included.

Release Notes: Bugfixes and improvements. Improves foreach loops using code blocks by normalizing the list variable before executing, Improved login prompt detection, eliminating delay when using EL_CONNECTION_METHOD=none, Improved copy/paste into INTERACT/IDE from Windows and PuTTY.

Release Notes: This release enhanced code blocks with a foreach loop, added string math (search/replace, concat, remove), improved SSH login, and fixed an SSH options bug.

Release Notes: This release enhanced code blocks with "then" and "else" blocks, added an EL_INFINITE_LOOP environment variable that sets a user's default infinite loop protection, shortened expect-lite help, and enhanced the man page.

Release Notes: This release adds support for native logging to a file using *LOG/*NOLOG. It improves for NFS mounted home drives.

Release Notes: User defined help was added (run your script with a -h). Arguments are now passed to include files (e.g. user=root). A new *NOINTERACT directive was added, which is useful for quick regression scripts. A ##Include Result: FAIL message was also added for quick regression scripts.

Release Notes: Minor fixes. Fixes for small bugs in IDE single step and paste functions, and a problem with lines ending with backslash.

  •  03 Aug 2010 14:24

Release Notes: Color support was added with colored comments, information, and warnings. You can now control the end-of-line character (LF or CRLF). The Cygwin Telnet access method was fixed. A man page was added for use as a quick reference.


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