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  •  02 Nov 2013 05:30

Release Notes: This version addresses a privacy issue and changes the role of the 'create' permission to become more flexible. Group global permissions are now offered, as are a new summary type determined by an editor entered page break, new slide show options, a refined flyout sidebar view, form data view filtering, and a new option PDF engine.

  •  16 Aug 2013 21:32

Release Notes: OOTB SEO has been greatly enhanced across the entire system, with specific default metadata being pulled and no longer requiring individual SEO settings on each module/item before defaulting to site-wide metadata, though specific SEO settings are still available. Social Media interaction has been expanded with optional auto-posting to Facebook and Twitter on Blog, News, and Event items. There are numerous other tweaks and fixes.

  •  26 Jul 2013 19:37

Release Notes: This release further refines the many changes implemented in 2.2.0, adds a new Facebook module and better Twitter integration, adds paged forms (wizards), along with many other new features, tweaks, and fixes, and temporarily re-implements theme 0.9x compatibility, now with correction messages to help admins update their custom themes.

  •  18 May 2013 03:50

Release Notes: This major yet incremental update fully removes all 'old school/1.x' code. Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery are now used as the primary framework libraries, though YUI3/YUI2 are still supported. HTML5 form fallback features were provided for all browsers. New Forms features for importing CSV to create a new form or adding to an existing form were added, with the option to change the form control type. More Blog views were added along with new Blog and e-Commerce site sample installation content. LDAP server user authentication was implemented. The e-Commerce function was greatly enhanced.

  •  30 Mar 2013 01:30

Release Notes: This release only fixes bugs found in 2.1.3, everything else is destined for the soon-to-be released 2.2 major version update. This release updates EQL file exportation/importation to also include table definition for future proofing backups, adds a new "Exponent as a Service" module for JSON service calls, fixes Online Event Registrations activating many features, adds email registrants, and fixes over three dozen issues found in 2.1.3.

  •  23 Feb 2013 01:16

Release Notes: This release only fixes bugs found in 2.1.2; everything else is destined for the v2.2 major version update. It fixes the form copy feature, fixes a 'file manager doesn't display files' issue on some servers, makes the blog aggregation configuration tab more intuitive, and fixes some migration issues with forms, events, and navigation.

  •  16 Feb 2013 03:01

Release Notes: This release fixes over a dozen issues found in 2.1.1. It especially tweaks the new forms module, providing a better method to assign a form to a page module. There are no new features in this release.

  •  01 Feb 2013 23:26

Release Notes: An upgraded forms module adds features. Many user friendly features are added to the file manager and uploader. A new 'on the page' edit view for the text module. Several new module views. Some navigation is now handled within the page to prevent loading an entire page. A new 'mass mailer', private modules, and other new features to aid the user/admin.

  •  24 Nov 2012 02:53

Release Notes: The calendar module received a major upgrade: a new 'Mega' menu with a free-form menu for embedding modules. Optional nested comments and per-item comment disabling were added. Optional file download item comments and external file URLs were added. Optional category color/style was implemented. Color-coded aggregation of external Google and iCal calendars was added. Random sorting/sequence was added to photo album/slideshows. An optional user selectable email destination is provided on form submission. A new built-in database manager was added. There were many other tweaks, fixes, and new features.

  •  02 Oct 2012 22:22

Release Notes: Improved HTML5 and PHP 5.4 compliance, upgraded simple poll and navigation modules, a new universal navigation view, optional menu item icons, blog and news next/prev item links, and optional news, blog, and file download 'date badge'. The calendar is now more forgiving of timezones, iCal/RSS feeds now use sef URLs. A 2-column style forms display option was added. e-commerce is now easier to get up and running. An 'upload' forms control was added for emailing the submitted file as an attachment. There were many other tweaks, fixes, and new features.


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