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Release Notes: This release implements a new network library look and feel (separate window, asynchronous) and supports archive modules. For the EPub format, it fixes a crash on some books from Project Gutenberg and fixes <pre>-formatted text support. For the RTF format, it fixes footnotes support. For the MS Word *.doc format, it implements language/encoding detection and fixes a crash during library scanning or book opening for some files.

  •  12 Jan 2009 15:02

Release Notes: Network library integration has been added. Partial CSS support for epub files has been added. Support for epub and Mobipocket book formats has been substantially improved. Library view usability has been improved: you can now organize the tree either by author or by tag. You can now select a word by double-click and a paragraph by triple-click. Support for right-to-left languages and bidirectional texts has been added. Support for Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, and Turkish has been added. Arabic and Czech localizations have been added. It's now possible to use the OS scrollbar for navigating through the text.

  •  21 Mar 2008 01:30

Release Notes: Support for book tags has been added. The Unicode line breaking algorithm is used for text re-flowing. A bug with tap scrolling setting has been fixed.

  •  09 Feb 2008 02:42

Release Notes: An application freeze during text drawing on several files has been fixed. Plain text format support has been improved. A version for the Motorola A1200 smartphone has been included into the mainstream source. A 'Go to page by number' feature has been added.

  •  28 Nov 2007 18:03

Release Notes: Automatic detection of the text language has been added. Chinese, Czech, English, Esperanto, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Ukrainian are supported. Hyphenation patterns for Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and Ukrainian have been added. A Finnish interface translation has been added. A custom language/encoding detection engine is used instead of enca.

  •  05 Jun 2007 14:59

Release Notes: Interface localization is now supported. All text resources have been moved to XML files. Resources for English and Russian are included in the package. CHM support has been improved.

  •  09 May 2007 10:47

Release Notes: Text selection and copying to the clipboard have been added.

  •  11 Nov 2006 04:54

Release Notes: CHM format support was added and undo/redo button action was fixed. Animated button pressing was added to the maemo version.

  •  06 Sep 2006 15:00

Release Notes: A segmentation fault in the desktop/qt version has been fixed. Support for non-DRM'ed mobipocket files has been added.

Release Notes: This version is released for the Sharp Zaurus/Qtopia platform only. Integration with the zbedic dictionary has been added.


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