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Fcron is a periodical command scheduler which aims at replacing vixie cron, so it implements most of its functionality. It does not assume that your system is running either all the time or regularly: you can, for instance, tell fcron to execute tasks every x hours y minutes of system uptime or to do a job only once in a specified interval of time. You can also set a nice value to a job, run it depending on the system load average, and much more.

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  •  14 Mar 2013 23:19

    Release Notes: There are no real new features, but multiple bugs were fixed in this release, plus changes to make the code more robust.

    •  06 Jan 2013 00:48

      Release Notes: This release focuses on Vixie cron compatibility (@reboot, etc., shortcuts, auditing, job environment, email headers, etc.) and refactoring to make the code easier to maintain. fcrondyn also uses the readline library for a nicer user experience, and it doesn't require a password anymore (only really tested on Linux, feedback and help welcome on other platforms).

      •  10 Apr 2010 18:24

      Release Notes: The prior focus of the 3.0.5 release was to fix a security issue that was found and would allow a malicious user to read fcron configuration files and the fcrontabs of non-root users. It also brings various minor improvements and bug fixes. This release fixes an issue introduced in version 3.0.5 preventing non-privileged users from listing their fcrontab on some systems.

      •  09 Nov 2007 01:05

      Release Notes: The random option has been improved. A new option, erroronlymail, has been added so that an email is sent only when the job exits with a failure status. Some cleanup on the file closures has been done, which should remove the problems some users would see when jobs were executed.

      •  10 Jun 2007 12:24

      Release Notes: Since 3.0.2, the build and install processes have changed significantly to make them more standard and make fcron easier to package, and AIX and Solaris platforms are supported better. Some other minor changes give better compatibility with Vixie cron. Please bear in mind that the default install paths have changed since 3.0.3-rc1 to make them more standard.


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