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Free Electron is a C++ framework facilitating reuse and integration for R&D projects such as simulation, AI, and visual effects. The core systems include dynamic plugins, a strong component model, and a fast runtime database. All these systems are highly extensible. Integration has been demonstrated with Alembic, Armadillo, Boost, DevIL, GraphViz, Houdini, JSON, Lua, Maya, ODE, OpenAL, OpenGL, OpenImageIO, OpenMP, OSG, PCRE, RakNet, SDL (image and joy), TBB, TIFF, OpenVDB, X11/GDI, and XML. General operators built with this framework can be used in Houdini and Maya (etc.) without any direct dependencies on those environments (each has a custom meta-plugin which interfaces the APIs). Builds are done with Python scripts (simple at the module level, like Jam, but in Python), and supports distcc, ccache, and gch files.

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  •  11 Apr 2012 21:22

    Release Notes: This release adds grass simulation for Houdini and Maya.

    Release Notes: This is a demo for IEEE CG&A May/June 2008.

    No changes have been submitted for this release.


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    Project Spotlight


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