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FEniCS is a collection of free software for automated, efficient solution of differential equations. It has an extensive list of features, including automated solution of variational problems, automated error control and adaptivity, a comprehensive library of finite elements, high performance linear algebra, and many more. It is organized as a collection of interoperable components, including the problem-solving environment DOLFIN, the form compiler FFC, the finite element tabulator FIAT, the just-in-time compiler Instant, the code generation interface UFC, the form language UFL, and a range of additional components.

Operating Systems

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  •  14 Jan 2014 01:06

    Release Notes: This release includes DOLFIN 1.3.0, FFC 1.3.0, FIAT 1.3.0, Instant 1.3.0, UFC 2.3.0, and UFL 1.3.0.

    •  02 Apr 2013 12:37

      Release Notes: This release includes DOLFIN 1.2.0, FFC 1.2.0, FIAT 1.1, Instant 1.2.0, UFC 2.2.0, and UFL 1.2.0.

      •  21 Jan 2013 19:00

        Release Notes: This release includes DOLFIN 1.1.0, FFC 1.1.0, FIAT 1.1, Instant 1.1.0, UFC 2.1.0, and UFL 1.1.0.

        •  08 Dec 2011 11:39

          Release Notes: This release includes DOLFIN 1.0.0, FFC 1.0.0, FIAT 1.0.0, Instant 1.0.0, UFC 2.0.5, UFL 1.0.0, and Viper 1.0.0.

          •  29 Nov 2011 22:27

            Release Notes: This release includes DOLFIN 1.0-rc2, FFC 1.0-rc1, FIAT 1.0-beta, Instant 1.0-beta, UFC 2.0.4, UFL 1.0-rc1, and Viper 1.0-beta.


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            A Java Swing application to test RESTful Web services.