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  •  21 Jan 2013 05:27

Release Notes: This release contains many new features and bugfixes, among them multichannel ALAC decoding. 24-bit FLAC decoding. Opus encoding support. FFM2 support. Supports building DLLs with MSVC. An animated gif decoder and demuxer. SOX resampler support. Improved AVC Intra decoding support. Support for changing resolution with multithreading in H.264. Much more.

  •  04 Oct 2012 22:36

Release Notes: This release contains many new features and bugfixes. 22 new filters, 6 new encoders, and 19 new decoders, along with support for many previously unsupported file formats and protocols. It can be compiled with a wider range of compilers than before.

  •  08 Jun 2012 21:45

Release Notes: This minor release fixes about 70 bugs, some of them security relevant.

  •  08 Jun 2012 21:45

Release Notes: This release contains many new features, bugfixes, and security fixes. Many new decoders, encoders, muxers, demuxers, and video and audio filters. Among them are a Prores encoder, WMA and RealAudio lossless decoders, support for pictures in ID3 tags, an OpenEXR decoder, a super2xsai filter, a zerocodec decoder, an Avid Meridien decoder and encoder, and many more.

  •  06 May 2012 23:47

Release Notes: This release fixes several security issues in the 4xm demuxer, avi demuxer, cook decoder, mm demuxer, mpegvideo decoder, vqavideo decoder, and xmv demuxer, and adds several dozen important bugfixes.

  •  06 Apr 2012 13:31

Release Notes: This release adds several security fixes, over 100 bugfixes, and some new features, including a swapuv filter.

  •  29 Jan 2012 02:39

Release Notes: This major release contains hundreds of new features and bugfixes. It also fixes CVE-2011-3929, CVE-2011-3934, CVE-2011-3935, CVE-2011-3936, CVE-2011-3937, CVE-2011-3940, CVE-2011-3941, CVE-2011-3944, CVE-2011-3945, CVE-2011-3946, CVE-2011-3947, CVE-2011-3949, CVE-2011-3950, CVE-2011-3951, and CVE-2011-3952.

  •  27 Jan 2012 00:29

Release Notes: This release adds many bug and security fixes, including ones for CVE-2011-3893 and CVE-2011-3895. It also significantly improves seeking support in H.264.

  •  12 Dec 2011 22:46

Release Notes: This is a new major release and contains hundreds of new features and bugfixes, including a native Dirac decoder, a Mandelbrot-fractal video source, a libass filter, a VBLE decoder, libopenjpeg support, MOV/MP4 chunking and fragment support, many ARM optimizations, gcc coverage support, libmodplug support, PulseAudio support, h264 422 decoding support, a ProRes encoder, a Ut Video decoder, an .mkv timecode v2 muxer, a g729 decoder, libspeex support, and hardware accelerated H.264 decoding on Android.

  •  22 Nov 2011 05:31

Release Notes: This release contains several security and non-security fixes, including NGS00144, NGS00145, and NGS00148.


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