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Release Notes: Bugfixes and magic improvements were made. Replacement functions for strcasestr() and fmtcheck() were added for systems missing them. A "-E" option was added to exit on filesystem errors. A "--apple" option that outputs the file type and creator code as used by older MacOS versions was added. A "clear" keyword was added to the magic syntax, and the behavior of "default" was changed to make it more useful. Sane handling of empty and one byte files was improved.

Release Notes: Bug fixes and magic improvements were made.

Release Notes: Various minor bugfixes and enhancements were made.

Release Notes: This release adds various magic additions and updates and minor bugfixes.

Release Notes: Differentiation of text and binary files has been improved. Hardwired token finding has been transformed into soft magic. Magic priorities have been adjusted, and magic has been added and improved. Minor bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: Several minor bugs were fixed. Several magic improvements were made, notably for multimedia formats.

Release Notes: The detection of zip files was fixed. Other minor magic enhancements were made. The MIME types of filesystem objects were renamed for consistency with xdg-utils. MingW compilation was fixed.

Release Notes: The Python bindings were updated and fixed. Magic support for OCF (EPUB) files and for lrzip files was added. Zip file magic was adapted for files with unsupported special types. Many more magic updates and fixes were made. Several minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: Major changes are CDF file parsing, indirect magic, and overhaul in MIME and ASCII encoding handling. The file ~/.magic is now handled in addition to the default magic file, not instead of it. A non-zero exit code is now emitted on errors on any file, not just the last processed file. Magic definitions were improved and expanded.

Release Notes: Warnings for non-supported math was added to magic handling. An experimental feature to adjust magic strength was added. Several ELF enhancements were made. Magic was updated.


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