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Release Notes: Fimes now has support for prorad XML files and allows setting land-masks after interpolation. Support for the WRF-file convention has been improved, in particular for rotated latitude-longitude grids and when using horizontally-interpolated files. The R and Fortran interfaces have been extended. Grib files in mercator-projection can now be read, and the merge code has been improved.

Release Notes: This release is able to read grib-messages that are spread over several files. In addition, several inconveniences have been removed. In ncml, it is now possible to remove dimensions without variables. It is also possible to change attributes and their variable names in one command. This release supports several aliases for latlong-projection. It silently ignores duplicated axes, and no longer duplicates axes of latitude longitude felt-files.

  •  17 Nov 2011 22:00

Release Notes: All versions of Fimes <= 0.33.1 rotated vectors like wind in the wrong direction when using spatial reprojection and interpolation. Reprojection of all grids to latitude_longitude or rotated_latitude_longitude projection crashed in Fimex 0.33; this has been fixed again. Support for unsigned datatypes has been further improved, and fimex 0.33.1 compiles with boost::filesystem >= 1.44. The signature of the Data::asConstType() methods is wrong. Since this method can be replaced by Data::asType(), the asConstType() methods have been deprecated.


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