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Release Notes: This release is able to read grib-messages that are spread over several files. In addition, several inconveniences have been removed. In ncml, it is now possible to remove dimensions without variables. It is also possible to change attributes and their variable names in one command. This release supports several aliases for latlong-projection. It silently ignores duplicated axes, and no longer duplicates axes of latitude longitude felt-files.

  •  15 Oct 2012 16:25

Release Notes: Fimex has been backported to compile again with boost 1.32, gcc 4.1, and icc 11. The getScaledDataSlice function is now 1.6 times faster on large datasets due to better internal inlining.

  •  12 Aug 2012 13:33

Release Notes: This release has been upgraded to compile with the new boost 1.50 and boost-filesystem V3. It works with strict gcc 4.6 compiler settings, and will be regularly build on Ubuntu 12.04.

Release Notes: This release is able to read netcdf-files with 0-terminated strings. Felt files with different undefined levels per file can now be read. The undefined levels will appear as undefined values. Fimex is now tested to run on Ubuntu Precise, 12.04.

Release Notes: The build-process of Fimex has been improved. It is now possible to build with proj-4.8 and against netcdf-4.1.2 to 4.2 without the netcdf4 file-format and by using the nc-config script. GribWriter has been extended to be able to write latitude-longitude data for grib1 and select variables by name and standard_name. The earth radius for WRF model files has been fixed, and GribReader now handles optional parameters in the configuration file.

  •  11 Apr 2012 22:23

Release Notes: With this release, Fimex starts using the towgs84 Bursa Wolff parameters from the CF-trac proposal to describe the earth position. In addition, the earth figure from felt-files is now configurable, with a default being the one from the felt documentation, i.e. spherical earth with a 6371km radius.

  •  29 Mar 2012 21:22

Release Notes: This version adds preliminary support to read and interpret WRF (Weather Research & Forecasting) model data.

Release Notes: The fimex-interpolation routines now allow a simple list of latitude/longitude pairs and will interpolate grids to that list. Numerical effect on the edge-points of the linear interpolation have been removed. A race condition in the timeInterpolator in a multi-threaded environment has been found and fixed. The axes of felt-files with lambert projection have been changed from km to m.

Release Notes: Fimex is now able to read grib files with the ASIMOF extension as used by the HIRLAM consortium. It also allows you to write grib data without a specific time. When using forward or coordinate interpolation from latitude/longitude, it worked only if the latitude/longitude axes had the same size. This works now with any combinations.

  •  07 Feb 2012 22:06

Release Notes: Fimex is now able to read felt-files in lambert projection. The CDMReaders have been deprecated in favor of the CDMReaderFactory. The vector-interpolation routines have been rewritten to be able to use the gcc autovectorizer.


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