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Release Notes: A JavaScript port was added (compiled from the C sources). The executables and tests now work properly on 32-bit systems. The RPM .spec now runs the test suite.

Release Notes: Options have been added to help reduce the average solution length ("--flares-choice" and "--flares-iters-factor"). There are two new presets for doing that. This release adds a memory optimisation for flares-based presets.

Release Notes: This release adds a sixth Best-first-search weight of the negated number of cards not above their parents, implements "random-dfs" ordering based on this a-star weight, adds several new commandline themes ("-l as" for speed, and "-l mf" for short solutions), implements "DeBondt" state encoding for the dbm_fc_solvers, and implement a prune for Baker's Dozen and similar games. It drops support for compiling with Microsoft Visual C++ and other non-GCC-compatible compilers.

Release Notes: The --set-pruning option was added, as well as the "enlightened-ostrich" preset for speed and the "maliciously-obscure" preset for generating short solutions. A compile-time option has been added to use RCS-like states storage, which conserves a lot of RAM. The CMake configuration now uses "lib${LIB_SUFFIX}", which allows building on some 64-bit systems. An experimental --trim-max-stored-states flag has been added, which currently may crash the solver (a known bug that should be fixed in a future release.)

Release Notes: The --depth-tests-order flag was added, which allows varying the tests' order based on the depth, which allows for interesting (and faster) searches. Several new presets were added: -l the-iglu-cabal, -l foss-nessy, and -l tea-for-two have been added; the latter were optimized for two freecell deals. Several bugs were fixed. The code was optimized and cleaned up.

Release Notes: This release implements the flares API (see the usage document), which allows running several alternative scans and then picking up the one with the shortest solution. It also adds the "-l children-playing-ball" and "-l sentient-pearls" themes that optimize on solution length (based on flares). There are also some cleanups to the internals.

Release Notes: The distributed documentation was converted to AsciiDoc, which allows it to be converted to XHTML and DocBook/XML. The test suite and benchmarking process was simplified. Some other minor changes were made.

Release Notes: An improved theme for solving Simple Simon was added ("the-last-mohican" or "tlm" for short). The --next-instance flag was restored. An improved atomic moves-based Freecell theme was added.

  •  29 Sep 2002 02:25

Release Notes: This release includes better documentation and help screens, a command line preset system (to avoid these long command lines), and the ability to read parameters from a file. Finally, it is possible to run one instance of the solver after the other has finished.

Release Notes: The range solver can now resume an interrupted run, the man pages were improved, and support for command line presets was added.


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