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Release Notes: This release fixes several major bugs in existing plugins and adds 20 new plugins, some of them optional with a dependency on the Cairo library. The new filters are: IIRblur, Vignette, Keyspillm0pup, Timeout, Posterize, Dither, Spillsupress, Emboss, Colgate, RGBNoise, Colorize, Softglow, ColrHalftone, Sigmoidaltransfer, Colortap, Cairogradient, Cairoimagegrid, and Medians. There are also two new mixers: Cairoblend and Cairoaffineblend.

  •  13 Sep 2010 22:51

Release Notes: This release adds many new filters, cross-platform compatibility to build Win32 plugins, some fixes to the specification, a new Web page, and more documentation.

  •  01 Apr 2008 03:06

Release Notes: This release adds six new plugins: Lenscorrection, Transparency, Color Distance, Perspective, RGB Parade, and Vector Scope.


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A daemon for the GM7 GPS Tracker.


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An XML database and XQuery processor.