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  •  16 Nov 2012 23:48

Release Notes: BLOOMBERG has been added to Exchange Rate Providers and config.php fixed. Access functions have been move from renderer to current_user. They were cluttering all the themes. Date problems have been fixed and new date formats MmmDDYYYY, DDMmmYYY, and YYYYMmmDD implemented, e.g. 10 Nov 2012. The transaction list in attachments has been replaced with a pager, and sorting is in descending order. An error message in recurrent invoices has been fixed. Sales Quotations and Sales Orders should not require sufficient stock check. Dimensions not utilized in Direct Invoice/Delivery. A ilter for non-zero values in Bank Statement Report.

  •  15 Sep 2012 10:35

Release Notes: The company on the login screen can now also be specified with an edit box instead of a list selector, by setting the $text_company_selection flag in config.php. Error handling in the printer class was improved. Inactive menu options can now be hidden using the $hide_inaccessible_menu_items flag. Security problems were resolved in 'where' parameters in a couple of list helpers, and in access roles and db_pager. A hard-coded theme path was fixed. Prevention against brute force attacks on the login page was implemented using new $login_delay and $login_max_attempts settings.

  •  03 Feb 2012 22:59

Release Notes: Database export optimization (minimized restore time). Improved float compare in certain files (AR/AP ledger) Restricts the voiding transaction of closed fiscal year. A change in session gettext to use a global variable instead for smaller footprints in session files. The salesman listing was not adding over page break in report. Addition of email address in the status message when emailing documents. Removal of the option to edit allocated sales invoices in Journal Inquiry. Does not print zero lines amount of 0.00 in Sales Documents if it is a service item.

  •  24 Nov 2011 12:24

Release Notes: A problem with output buffering that caused a blank page on some configurations was fixed. An incompatible static implementation of Session Manager in /includes/ was fixed. A problem with the date picker in the new tabs in customers/suppliers/items was fixed. Closing of the popup dimension # view window was fixed. TYPE= was changed to ENGINE= in core COA scripts. The repository COAs are already fixed. A selection bug in the CN report that caused everything to be printed was fixed. Printing of single receipts and double calculation of tax free price for an item were fixed.

  •  11 Nov 2011 15:57

Release Notes: This release fixes an IE9 compatible session regenerate id. It has an option for changing dimensions when editing Sales Invoice. A default branch is created when creating a new customer (if $auto_create_branch=1 in config.php). Editing of Customer Payments is allowed. New tabs for Transactions and Orders in Add/Manage Customers, Suppliers. Bank payment/deposit edit. Attachment will follow the new edit number. A bank transaction editing problem has been fixed.

  •  01 Sep 2011 10:55

Release Notes: This release added support for PNG and GIF item images. A problem where the PDF report didn't run in newer versions of PHP due to case sensitive member functions was fixed. The system now defaults to the premier bank account for customers/suppliers in Payments. Payments are displayed on view invoice like the display allocation on view payments. The Supplier Payments allocation list now displays Supplier Reference if possible. The discount, if any, is now shown in the view supp payment. The Inventory Valuation Report now has End Date selection. Improper checks on GL account deletion were fixed.

  •  22 Jul 2011 09:12

Release Notes: A hook was added for authentication from external sources like LDAP. The document reports layout was rewitten for easier modifications and to support multiple payment services. Document footer text was cleaned up. installed_extensions inclusion was fixed. Access control on redirected reports was fixed. Filename selection checks were added in backup. Much more was done.

  •  09 Jun 2011 14:55

Release Notes: An option was added to also show allocated in the aged customer/supplier list. Manual revaluation of currency accounts now also inlcudes AR/AP accounts update. The backup/restore screen layout displayed in Chrome was fixed. The timeout on long processing tasks was enlarged to 10 minutes. Much more was done.

  •  02 Apr 2011 19:05

Release Notes: Converted currencies are now rounded correctly when using Funds transfers. Customer/supplier selectors are searchable in reports options (if set in company preferences). An issue with the is_date_in_fiscalyear function was fixed. The Credit Invoice report was moved to a separate file. Negative values processing in add_months() was fixed. Language templates were updated. The upgrade routines from the 2.1.X series were fixed and db_export was reorganized. The inability to create a recurrent invoice was fixed.

  •  05 Jan 2011 09:09

Release Notes: Timezone warnings were removed. A Georgian installer wizard translation was added. Strict warnings in reporting were suppressed. Preparations were made for category icons in themes. Non-voidable transactions are removed from selection on voiding a page. The database host name may be up to 60 chars long during install. A lot of minor bugs were fixed.


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