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Fubsy is a tool for efficiently building software. In concrete terms, it lets you conditionally (re)build targets from sources based on which sources have changed since the last build. Typically, targets and sources are all files in a directory tree. In theory, they can be any resource on a computer. More abstractly, Fubsy is an engine for conditional execution of actions based on the dependencies between related resources.

Operating Systems

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  •  24 Jan 2013 13:51

    Release Notes: Incremental builds were implemented (if built with a database backend; currently only Kyoto Cabinet is supported). Fubsy can now build itself, although the build script doesn't run unit tests yet. A fubsydebug tool was added for debugging hacks that don't belong in the main interface.

    •  06 Jan 2013 19:38

      Release Notes: Initial public release.


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