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  •  28 Jul 2013 12:52

Release Notes: A bugfix in the fwknop client to reset terminal settings to orignal values after entering keys via stdin. A bugfix in the fwknopd daemon to not print a PID file existence warning. A test suite bugfix to not run an iptables Rijndael HMAC test on non-Linux systems.

  •  20 Jul 2013 06:11

Release Notes: This release added support for HMAC SHA-256 authenticated encryption in the encrypt-then-authenticate model. Many bugs discovered by the Coverity static analyzer were fixed. OpenSSL compatibility tests were added to the test suite. Client stanza saving ability was added for the ~/.fwknoprc file, simplifying fwknop client usage. The ability to automatically generate both Rijndael and HMAC keys with --key-gen was added.

  •  10 Dec 2012 02:07

Release Notes: On the server side, this release adds a chain_exists() check to SPA rule creation so that if any of the fwknop chains are deleted out from under fwknopd, they will be recreated on the fly. It adds new SPA packet fuzzing capability to the test suite to assist in validation of SPA operations. It adds upstart config for systems running the upstart daemon. An OpenBSD ndbm/gdbm usage bugfix. ICMP type/code client command line arguments have been added for when SPA packets are sent over ICMP.

  •  20 Aug 2012 21:13

Release Notes: Better handling of GnuPG for SPA packet decryption on the server side (accounts for no passphrase gpg keys when gpg-agent or pinentry are otherwise required). A bugfix in SPA packet replay detection code. A check for the existence of the iptables 'comment' match when the serve is deployed on Linux. Several other bugfixes.


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