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Release Notes: The code of the internal player has been updated to use version 2.0 of the ffmpeg library, but in line with the original project, the previously required ffmpeg library is now optional, and the program can also be built if this library is missing and mplayer is the only player in use. Some other bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: The code of the internal player has been updated to use version 1.2 of the ffmpeg library, increasing performance and reducing memory usage. Some other improvements have been made, and some bugs have been fixed. The manual page has been updated.

Release Notes: The code of the internal player has been updated to use version 1.1 of the ffmpeg library. The appearance is based on 10 types of transparent icons and 30 background colors to allow for better theme customization. Backporting to FOX-16 has been improved. Some bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: The code of the internal player has been updated to use version 1 of the ffmpeg library. Devices are now automounted at startup using udisksctl. Control knobs have now localized tip and help texts and are bound with mplayer keys. The localization menu is now complete for fxarchive. Some bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: This release adds a file search engine able to present a list of files with matching names. The search can be executed with Find_Exact, Find_Case_Insensitive, Contains, or Contains_Case_Insensitive options. The application can now be built without the internal sdl/ffmpeg player in order to avoid compatibility problems with different installed versions of ffmpeg libraries. A building issue on Linux Ubuntu has been fixed.

Release Notes: Function backporting to FOX-1.6 is nearly complete and now includes thumbnail scaling on both filelist and playlist and body and menu fontsetting. On the main window, a third panel view option showing both file-list and directory-list has been added. The clipboard paste commmand status is now shown on the progressbar. Players buttons can now be activated for extra user-defined movie extensions. The internal player can now accept user-defined audio and video codecs. Some bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: Most of the functions of FXMovieManager, FXArchive, and FXScanVirus have been backported to the stable version of the FOX-Toolkit. Other minor improvements and bugfixes have been done.

Release Notes: The code of the internal player and of the Movie Information dialog was updated for using the last stable release of FFmpeg (0.9). The thumbnail displayed by the Operation dialog (cut, copy, symlink, and rename) and by the Movie Information dialog is now better resized when shifting to the wide-screen mode. Linked movies are now correctly reported on the File Properties dialog and managed by the Play List.

Release Notes: The scanvirus utilitiy is no longer modal and does not interrupt workflow any more. There are now three programs: fxmoviemanager (the main program), fxarchive (the archive utility), and fxscanvirus (the virus scanning utility). FXMovieManager is now able to present selected JPEG images as a slideshow. Applicable button commands for a JPEG presentation are: playJPG, pause, stop, speed, video-out, video-format, loop, and zoom. The Copy/Move/Symlink-dialogs show the fileroot and the filename separately. The look was extended to up to 9 themes. A possible message error before the main window creation was fixed.

Release Notes: There is now a window-dialog to make virus scanning operations more comfortable. A bug when virus scanning is done recursively was fixed. The program's complaint if libclamav is already initialized was resolved. The amount of progression in the progressbar was adjusted.


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