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G4L is a hard disk and partition imaging and cloning tool. The created images are optionally compressed, and they can be stored on a local hard drive or transferred to an anonymous FTP server. A drive can be cloned using the "Click'n'Clone" function. G4L supports file splitting if the local filesystem does not support writing files larger than 2GB. The included kernel supports ATA, serial-ATA, and SCSI drives. Common network cards are supported. It is packaged as a bootable CD image with an ncurses GUI for easy use.

Operating Systems

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  •  23 Jun 2013 10:13

    Release Notes: This release upgrades sysLinux to 5.10, upgrades the build to include linux-firmware to support special hardware, and updates the linux-firmware files as of 6/07/2013: kernel 3.0.82 2013/06/13 (bz3x0.82), kernel 3.4.49 2013/06/13 (bz3x4.49), kernel 3.9.6 2013/06/13 (bz3x9.6), kernel 3.9.6 (now the default kernel), and kernel 3.10-rc6 2013/06/15 (bz3x10.rc6).

    •  01 Apr 2013 12:57

    Release Notes: This is a stable release with many kernel updates and enhancements to scripts and support programs. There were over 70 alpha releases, with about 75% being kernel upgrades.

    •  24 Nov 2012 00:00

      Release Notes: This release had 53 alpha releases, which included many kernel update releases. Some script modifications were to support those which use the split option, and some modifications to support hardware which requires additional firmware to be loaded.

      •  23 Jul 2012 21:34

      Release Notes: 33 Alpha versions. Many kernel upgrades. The default kernel is stable kernel 3.4.6, but this release also has 3.5.0. Upgrades of utilities and libraries plus some additional programs and minor tweaks to scripts.

      •  10 May 2012 23:33

        Release Notes: This release adds many kernel updates, uses kernel 3.3.5 (released 2012/05/07, bz3x3.5) by default, updates the build system to Fedora 16 (so programs and libraries are now based on it), updates testdisk-6.14-WIP as of 2012/03/02, updates udp-sender and udp-reciever to 2012/04/24, modifies the mbrback2 function to copy all sectors before the first partition instead of just the first track, updates the rcS startup script to not run dialog screens if a run= command is included at startup, adds gdisk, cgdisk, and sgdisk to add GPT support, and updates testdisk-6.14WIP 2012/05/04.

        RSS Recent comments

        04 Apr 2014 16:37 Avatar msetzerii Thumbs up

        G4L 0.46 alpha114 - 2014/04/04

        Been a while since I posted and update to the version, but have gone
        for alpha91 to now alpha114. Have been trying to solve and issue
        for Fujitsu Lifebook T794 that freezes during the kernel loading process.
        Don't have direct access to one, but have tried with user lots of kernel
        options, and building extra things in the kernel, but it still just seems
        to stop with no definite error reported. Have tired using syslinux 4.x, 5.x,
        and 6.03x versions and even grub4dos. If anyone might have experience with
        these units of similar. It does boot an older version partedmagic, but that
        doesn't support nic? It also seems to freeze with the HDT option as well?

        Lots of new kernel updates. Has 3.13.9 as new default, but has the 3.14 released.



        Complete list of changes latest46.114

        10 Feb 2014 13:42 Avatar msetzerii Thumbs up

        G4L 0.46 alpha91 - 2014/02/10

        Lots of new kernel updates. Has 3.13.2 as new default.



        Complete list of changes latest46.91

        14 Jan 2014 11:03 Avatar msetzerii Thumbs up

        G4L 0.46 alpha79 - 2014/01/14

        Lots of new kernel updates. Has 3.12.7 as new default.



        Complete list of changes latest46.79

        04 Jan 2014 16:09 Avatar msetzerii Thumbs up

        G4L 0.46 alpha73 - 2014/01/03

        Lots of new kernel updates. Has 3.12.6 as new default.



        Complete list of changes latest46.73

        14 Dec 2013 14:34 Avatar msetzerii Thumbs up

        G4L 0.46 alpha67 - 2013/12/12

        Lots of new kernel updates on 12/06 and 12/12. Has 3.12.5 as new default.
        Have done testing with syslinux 6.02 BIOS version, and it works fine in testing, but current release still has 5.10 version.



        Complete list of changes latest46.67


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