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Release Notes: JavaFX and Android native support is new in this release, beside the usual bugfixes and improvements. The next release will be a 3.0.0.RC1, shortly followed by the final 3.0.0.GA version.

Release Notes: Major new features including WebSocket, Java / JavaFX, and complete Spring Data JPA support.

Release Notes: Many bugfixes and improvements are available with this release, related to data-management, clustering, JMS support, and real-time messaging. Support for Hibernate 4, JBoss 7, and Flex 4.5 has been added. A new client-side, reverse lazy-loading feature was added, greatly improving serialization performance from the client application to the server.

Release Notes: Native WebLogic 9.1+ support for real-time messaging was added. A new configuration option for potential AMF3 security exploits was added. Other minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: This release introduces ActionScript3 implementations of the Bean Validation specification (a.k.a. JSR-303) and the BigDecimal/BigInteger classes.

Release Notes: The ActionScript3 API was improved. New ActionScript3 BigInteger/BigDecimal implementations were added with specific serialization mechanisms between Flex and Java. An ActionScript3 validation framework based on the JSR-303 ("Bean Validation") specification was added.

Release Notes: LCDI (JSR-299/Weld) support. Hibernate Validator 4 (JSR-303) support. A new ActionsScript3 reflection API. Concurrent client update conflicts detection and resolution. Easier configuration for Spring, Seam, and Servlet 3 containers. Improved code generation tools.


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