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  •  04 Mar 2013 23:34

Release Notes: This is a major feature and bugfix release. It has an optional watchdog module that can monitor destinations using custom service-specific scripts and update the routing table accordingly. It also can automatically discover newly added nodes in a Galera cluster and take them into use. There is a GLB_OPTIONS environment variable to allow configuration of libglb using the same command line options as for glbd. libglb initialization was not thread safe, and failed for applications that opened several connections simultaneously (e.g. sysbench); this has been fixed. A number of issues reported by valgrind have been fixed.

  •  10 Dec 2012 22:50

Release Notes: This is another major feature update. It adds the shared library that can add balancing capability to any Linux client application without recompilation or relinking by overloading the standard libc connect() call in runtime. All other communication then happens directly between the client and server. No other client functionality is affected. This release also adds a "round-robin" balancing policy and makes "random" and "source" policies respect destination weight.

  •  02 Dec 2012 18:04

Release Notes: This is a major update. It fixes connection loss when too many connections were attempted at once. It significantly improves performance under certain kinds of load (like sysbench). It adds a max connections option. It implements basic "source tracking" capability. It adds a start/stop service script and is generally much more suitable to be run as a "service".


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The next generation of aircrack.


Project Spotlight

Excel Writer

A package to write Excel files with basic formatting easily.