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  •  04 Mar 2014 12:09

Release Notes: This release added several features including the ability to protect a note or group with a password, bullet and numbered lists, and a note manager window for viewing and seaching notes. 27 updates were added, including bugfixes and improvements in the UI.

  •  01 Mar 2013 22:35

Release Notes: This release adds a Mac package. Users can easily launch GloboNote on Mac OS. Updated paragraph alignment when Checkbox was added. Multi-line text will now align properly. Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese language translation (partial) has been added. A Delete Note right click menu item has been added to the search window. The "Remove Text Style" action has been fixed; it should not remove checkboxes.

  •  21 Jan 2013 05:02

Release Notes: Create Checklist. Insert checkboxes in a note (Ctrl-Shift-C to create a checkbox). Close and Quick Menu icons have beben added to note's Title Bar. Easier to hide or delete a note. Support for paragraph alignment. Aligns the content left, right, center, or justify. Adds a feature to shake alarming notes that are inactive. Allows a user to roll up/down a note by clicking the title bar. Rich Text formatting.

  •  28 Jun 2012 07:08

Release Notes: This release contain several bugfixes, translation updates, and new features like an option to set a note's transparency level and an option to reduce the size of a rolled up note.


Project Spotlight


The next generation of aircrack.


Project Spotlight

Excel Writer

A package to write Excel files with basic formatting easily.