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  •  26 Jul 2013 15:58

Release Notes: Decryption using smartcards keys larger than 3072 now works. A new meta option ignore-invalid-option was introduced to allow using the same option file by other GnuPG versions. The hash algorithm is now printed for sig records in key listings. Invalid keyblock packets are now skipped during import to avoid a DoS. Ports from DNS SRV records are now correctly handled. Many further minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: The Yarom/Falkner flush+reload side-channel attack on RSA secret keys is now mitigated. IDEA was fixed for big-endian CPUs. The diagnostics for failed keyserver lookups were improved. Several further bugs and portability issues were fixed.

Release Notes: A corruption of the public keyring database on import of manipulated public keys was fixed. This issue was reported as CVE-2012-6085. Support for the old cipher algorithm IDEA was added. Small changes were made to increase compatibility with future OpenPGP and GnuPG features. Minor bugfixes were made.

  •  31 Jan 2012 12:35

Release Notes: A space separated fingerprint is now accepted as a user ID. This allows you to copy and paste the fingerprint from the key listing. Support for the original HKP keyserver was removed. The trustdb is now rebuilt after changing the option --min-cert-level. JPEG detection was improved. More VMS patches are now included. File locking was made more portable. The 32-bit variant of the mingw-w64 toolchain is now supported. Minor bugs were fixed.

  •  21 Jan 2011 22:54

Release Notes: More hash algorithms are now possible with the OpenPGP v2 card. gpg-agent now tests for a new gpg-agent.conf configuration file on a SIGHUP. The output of "gpgconf --check-options" was fixed. A bug where scdaemon sends a signal to gpg-agent running in non-daemon mode was fixed. TTY management for pinentries and a session variable update problem were fixed. Further minor bugfixes were made.

  •  19 Oct 2010 22:01

Release Notes: Bugs were fixed. Portability changes were made. Minor changes were made for better compatibility with GnuPG-2 (the modular implementation).

Release Notes: The agent's "--use-standard-socket" option is now available on non-Win32 systems, allowing all tools to start and daemonize the agent on the fly. The gpg-agent commands KILLAGENT and RELOADAGENT are now available on all platforms. Minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: A regression in 2.0.14 which prevented unprotection of new or changed gpg-agent passphrases was fixed. A new command "--passwd" was added. libassuan 2.0 is now used.

Release Notes: 2048-bit RSA keys are now generated by default. The default hash algorithm preferences have changed to prefer SHA-256 over SHA-1. Writing of keys to v2 OpenPGP cards was enhanced. Several environment variables are now passed to the Pinentry to make SCIM work. A '--batch' mode was added to the GPGSM command '--gen-key' command. Several other enhancements and minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: 2048 bit RSA keys are now generated by default. The default hash algorithm preferences have changed to prefer SHA-256 over SHA-1. 2048 bit DSA keys are now generated to use a 256 bit hash algorithm. Support for v2 OpenPGP cards was added. Support for the Camellia cipher (RFC-5581) was implemented. Support for HKP keyservers over SSL ("HKPS") was added. The algorithm for computing the SIG_ID status was changed to match the one used in version 2.0.10. File locking was improved. A memory leak which made imports of many keys very slow was fixed. Many smaller bugs were fixed.


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