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  •  05 Nov 2013 02:21

Release Notes: This releases introduces integrated LESS support, Bootstrap 3, a redesigned admin view, additional translations, visual theme browsing, and a number of bug fixes

Release Notes: This release integrates CKEditor 4.1, makes admin pages load faster, better handles fatal errors in plugins, and improves HTML5 support.

Release Notes: This release includes significant improvements to the uploaded files manager, theme manager, CSS/JS caching, image use, searching, and more.

Release Notes: This is a major release involving significant new features and bugfixes. Highlights include an updated data structure, hierarchical permalinks, the ability to rename special pages, and UI enhancements.

Release Notes: New features include revert functionality, speed optimizations for faster page loading, user interface enhancements, added security, and more.

Release Notes: The Multi-Site plugin and Layout pages were redesigned. New features include native spell-checker support and a site status check script.

Release Notes: Changes include reducing the package size, improving support for Internet Explorer, and making some core functions more accessible.

Release Notes: This version puts the finishing touches on a number of features including True WYSIWYG Editing, HTML5 Multiple File Uploads, Custom Content Types, and an integrated JS/CSS combining tool.

Release Notes: This release adds a number of new features and fixes multiple bugs. Newly introduced are the ability to move page sections, include gadget content in pages, create multiple source menus, add external links to menus, and more.

Release Notes: New in this release are a redesigned Page Manager to help users with larger sites, and updated Gallery editing for easier file uploading.


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