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GriF is a collaborative grid framework to support computational chemistry applications. It is meant to be used as a tool to facilitate massive grid calculations and also to improve scientific collaboration. Accordingly, GriF facilitates profiling the users of grid communities in order to systematically evaluate the work carried out in a grid and to foster its sustainability.

Operating Systems

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The new 4.2 version has been released! 02 Jan 2013

This minor update includes the possibility to re-scheduling failed and/or pending subjobs all together. Moreover, new status features have been added.

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  •  02 Jan 2013 23:08

Release Notes: This minor update includes the ability to reschedule failed and/or pending subjobs. New status features have been added.

  •  29 Aug 2012 22:27

    Release Notes: This minor update includes the ability to support new Grid Service applications and bugfixes.

    Release Notes: This major update includes the ability to combine the 'Parameter Study' running modality (in order to distribute in parallel on the Grid the same program within different inputs) within that of 'Workflow'. Accordingly, now you can run multiple Workflows on the Grid concurrently.

    •  27 Sep 2011 16:02

    Release Notes: This release adds the ability (called the "HPC" option) to run all the subjobs belonging to the same parametric job on the same CE queue having the maximum number of available CPUs in that moment. Some graphical improvements have also been added.

    •  19 Apr 2011 15:45

    Release Notes: A re-scheduling option for failed or long-waiting sub-jobs has been added. Moreover, minor code fixes have been applied.


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