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Gtk-Gnutella is a full-featured Gnutella client using GTK+. It contains all widely deployed Gnutella features, including DHT support. It is extremely efficient, using little CPU time and memory. It is meant to be left running 24x7. It is fully compatible with UPnP and NAT-PMP, and as such is easy to use behind a firewall supporting one of these port mapping technologies.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Nov 2012 17:49

    Release Notes: This is an important release correcting severe bugs affecting the overall wealth of the system: the PARQ upload queue was not properly restored, the DHT was not always sending correct values back (resulting in failed lookups), and SDBM (the hash-on-disk database) had two well-hidden bugs that could cause crashes at startup or that compromised regular runtime operations. This release uses a reliable UDP layer to transfer out-of-band query hits, ensuring that these important messages are properly sent and received and never lost.

    •  20 Sep 2011 11:01

      Release Notes: This is a bug fixing release.

      •  21 Jul 2011 11:15

        Release Notes: This is a major release, fixing critical long-standing bugs and introducing handy new features: HTTP request pipelining, GUESS (Gnutella UDP Extension for Scalable Searches), the ability to look for specific media types, the ability to query for partial files as well, and "What's New?" queries.

        •  24 Mar 2011 08:44

          Release Notes: UPnP and NAT-PMP support was added. More status icons were added for DHT, port mapping, and upload pre-stalling information. 12 minor bugs were fixed and 25 "under the hood" improvements were made.

          •  15 Aug 2008 06:48

            Release Notes: Client-side support for tigertree hashes was added. The navigation tree was replaced by tabs. The download user-interface was redesigned to make it more accessible. Some selectable pre-defined search filters were added. TLS support was improved. Support for sustained HTTP connections was improved. Assorted bugs were fixed.

            Recent comments

            22 Mar 2004 09:44 jaybee99

            Re: Couldn't build from source, couldn't find binary
            I meant to mention that the sourceforge link is pointed to by Downloads on the project home page

            22 Mar 2004 05:30 jaybee99

            Couldn't build from source, couldn't find binary
            This is just an observation about looking for the 0.93.3 rpm - I had problems building from source on mdk10 - ./Configure seemed to go OK, I accepted the defaults for anything I wasn't sure about but make baled out with errors re lib_gtk(?) & glade. But on only the deb and the src are listed, so I didn't know there was an rpm available til I checked here. (rpm installation was fine)

            04 Nov 2003 07:44 rmanfredi

            Re: Not so cool.

            > Running under Knoppix, gtk-gnutella did
            > a random crash on me overnight.

            You must be running an old version. Try the newest 0.93.

            07 Aug 2003 05:27 spiritlover

            Not so cool.
            Running under Knoppix, gtk-gnutella did a random crash on me overnight.
            Also, it couldn't tell when it had the whole thing....I checked the /tmp file and noticed it was I aborted the still-running downloads...and lost the whole file due to the delete-fragment-on-abort feature. (Alert!! Future Feature Suggestion!) Maybe it should check the file-size on the server against the file-size on your machine when you abort, and pop up a window telling you how much of it you've got, and asking if you're sure...maybe if it's over 50% or something?
            Or maybe it should just recognize that it's got the whole thing and remove the downloads. (amazing.)

            Would also be nice if the main download window showed speeds.

            29 Jun 2003 21:22 CanadaGeek

            Re: gtk-gnutella is great

            > In order to be feature competitive with
            > certian other Gnutella clients,
            > gtk-gnutella would need to implement
            > some missing features. Namely...
            > * Advertising banners
            > * Spyware
            > * Advertising banners
            > * Require you to give personal
            > information in order to download
            > * Advertising banners
            > * Automatic spam generation to the
            > address given when you registered for
            > the download
            > * Advertising banners
            > * Tracking of what files you exchange
            > with whom
            > * Did I mention Advertising banners?
            > If gtk-gnutella were to add at least
            > some of these missing features, then it
            > would be more on the same level as some
            > other Gnutella clients.

            Ummmm, is it Apil 1st?


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