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Release Notes: Many new features are included in this version, including server-side keep-alive, maps, use of log-format syntax in redirects, agent-check, tcp-check send/expect, and important memory savings. 71 bugs were fixed. Thanks to the entry of server-side keep-alive, this should be the last development version before the final 1.5 release (unless new bugs appear and require another one).

Release Notes: The high CPU usage a few users have been experiencing in dev14 is now fixed. A file descriptor leak when logging SSL information was fixed. Some SSL issues with client certs were fixed. SSL handshake errors are now logged. Some incorrect logs of "SD" flags in case of client errors were resolved. The conditions to enable Gzip compression were tightened. Layer 7 information such as the IP address taken from a header can now be tracked. Users of 1.5-dev12..dev14 are encouraged to upgrade.

Release Notes: A new logging subsystem with customizable log formats, a unique-ID generator, a full rework of the buffers and HTTP message storage, a merge of the ACL and pattern fetch code, ACL support for IPv6 addresses, cookies, URL parameters, and arbitrary payload, support for specifying a precise occurrence in fetch functions, much better error reporting for ACL parsing errors, the long-awaited "use-server" directive, minor improvements to the error capture reports, and a significant number of bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release fixes several issues causing pauses during transfers and server errors to be erroneously reported. Some nice minor features have been added such as configuration file splitting, much better reporting of configuration errors, support for more than 65000 sessions, and the ability to set a server's weight to zero.


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