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Release Notes: The high CPU usage a few users have been experiencing in dev14 is now fixed. A file descriptor leak when logging SSL information was fixed. Some SSL issues with client certs were fixed. SSL handshake errors are now logged. Some incorrect logs of "SD" flags in case of client errors were resolved. The conditions to enable Gzip compression were tightened. Layer 7 information such as the IP address taken from a header can now be tracked. Users of 1.5-dev12..dev14 are encouraged to upgrade.

Release Notes: Support was introduced for per-IP accounting and filtering based on connection counts, rates, byte counts, rates, error counts and rates, and a few other criteria. It is now possible to filter very early at the connection level based on these critieria, resulting in a measured protection capacity of more than 200000 connections per second. This is the first development version of branch 1.5, which should be released around the end of the year. This version is in sync with all the fixes that are available in 1.4.8, and appears reliable enough to be used in production if needed.

Release Notes: Several new features were brought: server maintenance mode, HTTP authentication (server and proxy), secure passwords, conditional request/response header rewriting using ACLs, anonymous ACLs that can be declared inline, support for HTTP/1.1 101+Upgrade status code to support non-HTTP protocols such as WebSocket, and several minor updates. The core now seems stable as no important bug was fixed since -dev8. A few minor changes are still expected to come before 1.4-final.

Release Notes: This release fixes several issues causing pauses during transfers and server errors to be erroneously reported. Some nice minor features have been added such as configuration file splitting, much better reporting of configuration errors, support for more than 65000 sessions, and the ability to set a server's weight to zero.


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