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Release Notes: The last known bugs since 1.5-dev15 have been fixed (frozen POSTs, aborted SSL sessions, and occasionally truncated early responses from servers to POST requests). Additionally, a few long-awaited features have been implemented: support for logging anything coming from a sample fetch function using %[] in the log format, as well as passing this to servers in HTTP headers (all SSL information can now be passed this way). The HTML stats page was improved with more detailed information in tips (this was broken in dev16). Users of 1.5-dev12 to 16 are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

Release Notes: The SSL stack received many fixes and improvements. It now supports mutual cert authentication, client cert-based ACLs, and a multi-process session cache. Some facilities were offered to support multi-process mode with SSL. Health checks support SSL and the PROXY protocol. HTTP forwarding now supports gzip compression. Recent Linux platforms support TCP FastOpen and accept4(). The "bind" statement now supports "v4v6" and "v6only" keywords to decide on the IPv6 binding policy. Many bugs have been fixed, so those using dev12 and dev13 in production are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

Release Notes: Many bugs and recent regressions since 1.5-dev8 have been fixed. A few minor features have been merged, including the ability to soft start/soft stop servers and kill sessions from the stats page in admin mode, a new option to hash the whole URI instead of just the path, an option to kill sessions on backup servers when active servers recover, and options to set the HttpOnly and Secure flags on cookies. Users of 1.5-dev8 and later should upgrade.

  •  21 May 2012 21:05

Release Notes: A number of old bugs were reported recently, including the risk of a crash if using reqrep/rsprep and having tune.bufsize larger than default, the risk of a crash when using header captures on a TCP frontend (config error), the risk of a crash when some servers were declared with checks in a farm that does not use an LB algorithm, and "balance source" not correctly hashing IPv6 addresses resulting in IPv4 connections to IPv6 listeners always having the same hash. Some other minor fixes and improvements were merged. Though unlikely affected, users are encouraged to upgrade to avoid future issues.

Release Notes: http_auth_group was broken in dev9, and would only validate users without checking groups. The connection's destination address could not be fetched anymore, breaking dst ACL and transparent mode, among other things. "timeout tunnel" has been added for easier WebSocket configuration. A rework of the poller has brought a global performance increase of up to around 10%. Users of 1.5 should not use 1.5-dev9, and should switch to -dev10 instead.

  •  11 Mar 2012 18:31

Release Notes: A number of annoying issues (some old) were fixed. All 1.4 users are encouraged to upgrade. Zero-weight servers won't take requests from the backend queue anymore. A fix for an issue where releasing a server connection would not result in picking a new one from the queue. POST requests smaller than the buffer could sometimes be delayed by 200ms. The TCP segment merging mechanism has been improved to ensure that outgoing segments are always merged even with wrapping chunks.

  •  29 Nov 2010 09:06

Release Notes: A possible crash when using Cookie-based persistence with appsessions was fixed. Header processing could become wrong after a single reqidel rule removed exactly two headers. Strict aliasing was explicitly disabled to shut down warnings that are emitted with gcc 4.4. Some out-of-memory conditions were not correctly handled in appsession or cookie captures. A native target was added to make builds easier. Users of appsessions are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

Release Notes: A bug introduced in 1.3.16 which can cause crashes when using monitor-net in TCP only frontends has been fixed. The appsession cookie name check is now correctly performed on the whole name length. The forceclose option is now ignored for TCP instances because it can cause unexpected timeouts. Connection rate limiting was using more CPU than required and was fixed too. Upgrading is recommended for users of 1.3 with TCP frontends.

  •  14 Oct 2009 20:23

Release Notes: This release fixes a regression introduced in 1.3.21 that caused a crash if the stats socket was used.

Release Notes: This release fixes a risk of a crash introduced with 1.3.19 for configurations in which a timeout is missing, as the result of an incomplete bugfix. While it is strongly recommended to avoid such configurations, they should not cause such issues. A minor issue with TCP logging has also been fixed. No new features were added. All users of versions 1.3.16 to 1.3.19 are strongly encouraged to upgrade. Development version 1.4-dev2 has also been released with the same fixes.


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