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  •  18 Nov 2012 21:07

Release Notes: The order of flag execution was rearranged so that the idle/standby/sleep "now" flags are executed last.

Release Notes: Use of HDIO_GETGEO_BIG is now avoided, as it is deprecated in newer kernels. Secure erase timeouts now have bigger padding. SCT identify information has been improved. The ordering of the "-S" and "-y" flags has been fixed. The block-count of security commands sent via SAT (sgio) is now set to 1. FIGETBSZ is now used to determine the filesystem block size for fibmap. Sector dumps are now forced to the le16 output format. Many other minor improvements, bugfixes, and documentation improvements have been made.

Release Notes: RAID 1 start_lba values are now handled. The "--fibmap" command is now terminated when start_lba is indeterminate. was modified for an issue with HFS+ file systems and to avoid using an obsolete command.

  •  20 Oct 2010 13:58

Release Notes: Fixes were made for cbd issues, in turn fixing the "-B" (advanced power management) option.

  •  06 Oct 2010 16:53

Release Notes: AHCI issues in sg16, caused by asking for sense_data on DATA-xfer commands, were fixed. Compilation on old systems lacking __be16 was fixed, along with occurring compiler warnings.

Release Notes: The SET_FEATURES commands are functional again. "--user-master" now defaults to "user" instead of "master", for better drive compatibility. The drive-supplied timeout is now used for security-erase commands. The default general timeout was raised from 5 to 15 seconds. Other minor modifications were made.

Release Notes: The "-I" argument now reports the maximum number of 512-byte blocks of range-data per DSM/Trim command. Consequently, hdparm and now use only as many LBA ranges per TRIM command as the drive can handle. The man page and the help text were cleaned up.

Release Notes: The "--offset" flag was added for use with "-t", to get timings from the middle or end of a drive. The "--trim-sector-ranges-stdin" was restricted to small TRIM commands on most drives. Verbose reporting was modified. Reporting of SATA3 signaling speed was added to "-I". The use of ATA_16 for all commands to ATAPI devices is now forced. A sector count of "1" is now supplied to IDENTIFY commands, to satisfy buggy USB3 bridges.

Release Notes: The script was enhanced. Reporting was added for the "Deterministic read ZEROs after TRIM" feature. The commands "--trim-sector-ranges" and "--trim-sector-ranges-stdin" received several minor fixes. Several other minor fixes were made.

Release Notes: The "--trim-sectors" flag was added. New protocol-specific forms of "--fwdownload" flags were implemented. Full word69 features reporting for "-I" were added. Segfaults on failure of get_identify_data() are now avoided.


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