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hexter is a software synthesizer that models the sound generation of a Yamaha DX7 synthesizer. It can easily load most DX7 patch bank files, edit those patches via a built-in editor or MIDI sys-ex messages, and recreate the sound of the DX7 with greater accuracy than any previous open source emulation (that the author is aware of). It operates as a plugin for the DSSI Soft Synth Interface.

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  •  08 Nov 2012 22:30

    Release Notes: This release fixes a problem where exiting and restarting the GUI could cause in-progress patch edits to be lost.

    •  04 Nov 2012 20:12

      Release Notes: This release fixes a problem that prevented hexter from linking properly on some systems.

      •  03 Nov 2012 07:36

        Release Notes: This release adds significant capabilities, including an integrated patch editor, the option to use floating point math in the synthesis code instead of fixed point, performance optimizations, better patch bank loading, and MIDI non-registered parameter (NRPN) support.


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