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i18nspector is a tool for checking translation templates (POT), message catalogues (PO), and compiled message catalogues (MO) files for common problems. These files are used by the GNU gettext translation functions and tools in many different development environments.


RSS Recent releases

  •  23 Mar 2014 15:37

    Release Notes: This release fixes compatibility with polib 1.0.4.

    •  22 Jan 2014 22:30

      Release Notes: This release fixes several bugs in the plural expression parser.

      •  12 Jan 2014 23:00

        Release Notes: Encodings that are not compatible with ASCII are now rejected early.

        •  29 Sep 2013 13:11

          Release Notes: Checks for message flag issues were added in this release.

          •  26 Jul 2013 15:54

            Release Notes: This release improves support for non-standard date formats.


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