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JActor is a high-performance Java Actor implementation that can send 150 million messages per second, making it one of the fastest Actor implementations in any language.


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JActor2 replaces JActor 19 Mar 2014

We have spent a year cleaning up JActor, the goals being a cleaner API, easier to learn and greater robustness.

Please visit the new project at ...

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  •  22 Jan 2013 12:30

    Release Notes: An issue where AsyncResponse was missing a check for duplicate responses was fixed.

    •  07 Jan 2013 23:27

      Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in JAMailboxFactory.removeClosable.

      •  18 Dec 2012 06:47

        Release Notes: MailboxFactory now maintains a list of Closable objects to be closed when the MailboxFactory is closed. Actor factory registration now ignores duplicate registration of the same factory.

        •  14 Dec 2012 17:19

          Release Notes: SLF4J now used for logging. Continuation is a wrapped RP which can be used in any context. JAMailboxFactory is no longer final.

          •  08 Dec 2012 00:11

            Release Notes: MailboxFactory now includes a Timer.


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