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Java Apple Computer Emulator

jace is a cycle-accurate emulation of an enhanced Apple //e. Its modular framework makes it easy for developers to swap out components (video/cpu/etc.) or add new emulated hardware.

Operating Systems

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  •  10 Dec 2012 01:27

Release Notes: This release fixes a nasty bug which caused crashes when joystick buttons (alt-keys) were pressed. Airheart is 100% playable again! RamWorks support is now available for up to eight megabytes of memory. The CPU can now log warnings if 65c02 extended opcodes are used. This release cleans a few improperly-implemented softswitches. The MMU implementation is 100% compatible now.

  •  05 Nov 2012 23:23

Release Notes: There have been no new features since 10/31, this release is just recompiled to support "older" 1.6 JRE users, as the author had accidentally set the IDE to 1.7.

  •  01 Nov 2012 04:32

Release Notes: 65c02 CPU emulation is now 100% and verified. CPU usage is greatly reduced. Games detect mockingboard now: SkyFox and Pitfall II. A Disk II speedup hack option was added.

Release Notes: Mockingboard now sounds perfect with Ultima 5. Fullscreen support (press F9 to toggle) has been added. New graphical indicators have been added for ram, disk, serial, and mouse activity.

Release Notes: This release re-architects the underlying memory event handler model to include CPU opcode/operand memory accesses. A new memory heatmap view has been added to metacheat (press END to activate); this lets you see active reads/writes/executes in memory as they happen. It fixes graphics glitches in hi-res mode. It improves RGB Mode 7 support to auto-detect RGB mode. It fixes a Disk ][ bug that caused hangups in programs like Apple Desktop ][. This is a very stable release.

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16 Feb 2012 21:53 Avatar blurry Thumbs up

If you would like to see the MIDI support in action, here's a recording of the Ultima V introduction:


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