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edtFTPj is an FTP client library that allows any Java application to have full embedded FTP functionality. It includes an easy-to-use API with methods such as downloadFile() and uploadFile(). Most FTP commands are supported, as well as active and passive modes. edFTPj has been extensively tested and is widely used in thousands of projects. It is compatible with Android 1.5 and above.

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  •  08 Jan 2013 04:16

Release Notes: This release improves performance of binary input streams, implements skip(), mark(), and reset() for FTPInputStream, catches tryLock() exceptions and ignores them, adds a flag to avoid using tryLock(), and adds resumeNextDownload(long) to FTPClient so partial downloads can be done.

Release Notes: Support was added for using ACCT in FileTransferClient. FTPFile.getPath() no longer includes the filename. A bug was fixed in MLST parser. An empty array of features is returned if FEAT returns no features (but is implemented by the server). The array is tweaked so that only actual features are returned.

  •  07 Feb 2011 14:18

Release Notes: A bug regarding reading multi-line replies was fixed.

Release Notes: A resume bug introduced in 2.2.0 was fixed. Spaces in front of FTP reply codes are trimmed. An OS/400 directory listing parser was added.

Release Notes: The 232 code can now be returned from the USER command. The ability to abort listings when using a callback was added. RollingFileAppender was added. A system property was added for prefixing all edtFTPj loggers (for use with log4j). Tweaks were made to UnixFileParser for some unusual formats. It is now ensured that "." and ".." don't appear in listings that use wildcards.

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15 Oct 2007 01:05 tieTYT Thumbs up

Good Project
I did a bit of research on this subject and first found the apache ftp library. I tried it and for whatever reason it threw an exception when I tried to get the timestamp on files. A lot of other java ftp libraries are not open source. This one was very easy to setup and I've had no problems with it so far. I recommend it.


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