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Release Notes: This version adds a method to check whether the current directory is still the default one in the file chooser and allows vetoing the change of a category. It also fixes bugs in the file chooser.

Release Notes: This version introduces a SimpleBeanValidator table model and fixes a bug related to using the Bean widget API with generic types.

  •  13 Jun 2013 01:11

Release Notes: This version improves SwingSession and FilterableComboBox.

  •  13 May 2013 17:22

Release Notes: This versions adds a JAxxRuntimeException to catch some special errors and updates dependencies' versions.

Release Notes: This version integrates features from other libraries (SwingSession coming from nuiton-widget and File or Directory selector from nuiton-utils) and improves SwingValidatorMessageWidget and BeanFilterableComboBox.

  •  08 Apr 2013 14:15

Release Notes: This version improves the BeanFilterableComboBox.

Release Notes: This release enables the use of a particular table cell renderer for a specific configuration option and fixes bugs related to configuration options and BeanFilterableComboBoxHandler.

Release Notes: This version allows you to set a tooltip on the NumberEditor, and adds filter and sort to the BeanDoubleList widget. Two bugs in BeanComboBox and NumberCellEditor were fixed. Note that ConfigUI is deprecated; use of the one in the new module jaxx-config is preferred (even if it is still in beta until version 2.6).

  •  18 Feb 2013 22:06

Release Notes: This version adds a button to show a popup with a validation table, introduces a new comboBoxModel that does not use a Vector, adds a sort model on BeanComboBoxModel, introduces a new listModel that does not use a Vector, and improves the DoubleListBean API. It also creates an adapter to move a component by using the mouse, and another adapter to resize a component by dragging a border of the component.

  •  18 Dec 2012 12:30

Release Notes: This version adds a double list widget.


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