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Jug is a task-based parallelism framework. Jug allows you to write code that is broken up into tasks and run different tasks on different processors. It uses the filesystem to communicate between processes and works correctly over NFS, so you can coordinate processes on different machines. Jug is a pure Python implementation and should work on any platform that can run Python.

Operating Systems

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  •  19 Feb 2014 23:31

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. It fixes save/load of numpy subclasses, redis URL parsing, and correct handling of the case where sqlite3 is not available. Also included is support for newer versions of Ipython.

  •  10 Aug 2013 16:02

Release Notes: This release adds provenance tracking. jug is now able to output metadata on the computation results (including all dependencies).

  •  30 May 2013 01:10

Release Notes: This version adds Python 3 support and a debug mode (in which execution is slower, as jug executes more checks for possible bugs in the user's script).

  •  15 Apr 2013 12:31

Release Notes: This release includes use of Ipython debugger (by Alex Ford), faster Tasklets and unloading, better error messages, and the new currymap function.

  •  02 Dec 2012 18:57

Release Notes: This version fixes a few bugs with caching of status and CompoundTasks. Jug now works correctly on new versions of Python (with the random hash fix). This version adds --cache --clear suboption to status and regular expression support to invalidate.


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