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kpcli (KeePass CLI) is a command line interface (interactive shell) to work with KeePass database files. It was inspired by the author's use of the Ked Password Manager's "kedpm -c" option combined with a need to migrate to KeePass.


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  •  16 Mar 2014 17:57

    Release Notes: Adds length control to password generation. Adds the copy and clone commands. The new -v option to the version command shows optional Perl modules that kpcli can take advantage of but that are not installed. Groups can now also be moved with the mv command. The cls command now also works on MS Windows. Suppresses Term::ReadLine::Gnu hints and missing termcap warnings on MS Windows. When opening a file, prints a minimum number of asterisks so as to not leak the length of the master password.

    •  26 Nov 2013 22:33

      Release Notes: This release implements Strawberry Perl/Microsoft Windows support, and there is a compiled kpcli-2.4.exe now available on Sourceforge for Windows users; it should have no external dependencies and can even be run from a USB stick. The -a option has been added to the find command. Display of expiration time for show -a. An option to generate word-based passwords, inspired by The versions command has been added. Several minor bugs have been fixed.

      •  02 Jul 2013 14:32

        Release Notes: This release added more Readline and signal handling improvements, title conflict checks in new/edit/mv/rename commands, and an optional path&|title param for cli_new(). cli_ls() can now list multiple paths. cli_edit() now shows the "old" values for users to edit, if Term::ReadLine::Gnu is available. cli_edit() now aborts all changes on ^C. cli_saveas() now asks before overwriting a file.

        •  17 Jun 2013 22:50

          Release Notes: Traps and handles SIGINT (^C press), SIGTSTP (^Z press), and SIGCONT (continue after ^Z suspend). No longer prints found dictionary words in pwck.

          •  09 Jun 2013 22:43

            Release Notes: This release adds clipboard, stats, and pwck (password quality check) commands. It fixes some long-standing tab completion bugs. It warns if multiple groups or entries are titled the same within a group, except for /Backup entries. It removes the unused Clone module after a report that Clone is no longer in core Perl as of v5.18.0.


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