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Release Notes: This beta version provides a major fix for an issue where the standard editor showed garbage on x86_64 images. A new boot logo (including CLI access and hardware tests during boot) has been added for ISO images. Of the usual package and kernel updates, the update of libusb (and addition of a libusb-compat package for packages relying on the old version) is the most visible one.

Release Notes: This is a maintenance release fixing a major flaw in dnsmasq.

Release Notes: The upstream versions were updated. New features were added, like multilink PPP support and IMQ patches. More work was done on the Web-based configuration.

Release Notes: A maintenance release with updates for busybox, dnsmasq, dropbear, and shorewall. An improved visual experience for webconf.

Release Notes: As expected for a release candidate, there are only some small improvements since the last beta version. The changes happened in webconf pages and to alleviate usage of serial consoles.

Release Notes: The new package management system was stabilized and enhanced. Loading modules from the modules tarball was alleviated. ssh keys will be automatically created during startup if not available. New pages were added to easily setup pppoe and dnsmasq with the Web-based frontend.

Release Notes: The most notable changes are the addition of the ipp2p module and the upgrade of shorewall to version 3.0.5.

Release Notes: Package upgrades and some minor feature enhancements were added.

Release Notes: This release adds a kernel update to 2.4.31, upgrades of various packages (including shorewall to 2.4.0), some patches (including hfsc support for iproute), and some fixes and cleanups.

Release Notes: busybox was updated to version 1.0, dnsmasq was updated to version 2.16, and shorewall was updated to version 2.0.10. A busybox sysctl applet was added. Some small fixes and internal cleanups were made.


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