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LedgerSMB is an accounting and ERP framework which aims to provide solid accounting, industry-leading security, and support for rapid development of business tools re-using accounting logic to support workflows of any specific business.

Operating Systems

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  •  26 Feb 2014 23:54

Release Notes: This release fixes a number of relatively minor bugs, backports some error handling improvements from 1.4, and updated the Hungarian translation.

Release Notes: This release fixed a number of reporting issues and provided better support for invoice templates in the database. A significant number of issues have been fixed.

Release Notes: This release includes a couple of minor security fixes regarding auth handling and browsers like Chrome which do not expire credentials without a clear 401 from the server. It includes a number of other bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release moves reports to the new reporting framework and adds Dojo-based widgets.

  •  16 Jan 2014 09:18

    Release Notes: This release corrected a significant issue in printing invoices with manually entered sales tax. A few other issues were also fixed.

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    23 Nov 2011 14:20 einhverfr Thumbs up

    LedgerSMB will be at MYGOSSCON next week. Stop by and see us!

    19 Jul 2011 15:17 einhverfr Thumbs up

    Web site is back up.

    18 Jul 2011 16:39 einhverfr Thumbs up

    2011-07-18: The web site is down due to issues with a botched DNS migration on the part of the registrar. For more, see

    We are working to get this back up and switch registrars. Thank you for your patience.


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