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Release Notes: This release fixed a number of reporting issues and provided better support for invoice templates in the database. A significant number of issues have been fixed.

Release Notes: This release moves reports to the new reporting framework and adds Dojo-based widgets.

Release Notes: Compared to beta 1, this release features improvements in sales/purchase order searches, consolidation, generation, and fixes for batch creation, searching, and approval, and much more. Compared to 1.3, this includes a very large number of enhancements in many areas.

Release Notes: This release has a huge number of enhancements over 1.3, including a new reporting framework, a framework for payroll code, many enhancements in project/department handling, the possibility of use for funds accounting, basic (minimal) CRM functionality, and more.

Release Notes: This development snapshot adds the project/department rewrite. Business reporting units now replace departments and projects, and can be extended to offer funds accounting, heavy manufacturing support, to do lists for customers, and much more.

Release Notes: This release added fully working file attachment handling and fixed a number of bugs, including some in recurring transactions and user management. The project is now in feature freeze pending an RC1 release.

Release Notes: This release includes a fully functional separation of duties system, vendor/customer to address/contact info maps, enhancements in the payment system, many bugfixes, and more.

Release Notes: This is a development snapshot and not suitable for use in production environments. It is intended to provide an update to the community as to the progress on 1.3. It adds a number of exciting features and changes such as a new (and much cleaner) architecture for new code (and old code as it is re-engineered), most of the work for voucher support, on-hold status for invoices, enhanced contact management capabilities, the beginnings of CRM support, code for a new reconciliation system, RESTful Web services support, a new template system, and much more.

  •  04 Apr 2007 19:05

Release Notes: New features include the use of PI tags in the templates, Slony-I support (and setup scripts), additional POS hardware support, and a framework for integrating credit card processing into the application. Additionally, the code has undergone a security audit and a large number of security enhancements have been made. Among others, numerous inherited SQL injection vulnerabilities have been fixed, and the system no longer depends on Perl scripts which are both writable and executable by the server.

Release Notes: This release includes enhancements to the invoice and POS screens, a new logging module, and rewritten localization handling that uses gettext. However, it is not intended for production use and may not work as advertised.


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