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libdvbpsi is a very simple and fully portable library designed for MPEG TS and DVB PSI table decoding and generation.

Operating Systems

Last announcement

libdvbpsi and deprecated warning 29 Apr 2012 18:45

Libdvbpsi warns about deprecated API's since the v0.2.0 release. It was my intention to release an 1.0 version shortly after I released v0.2.0. However reality decided otherwise. I fell in the classical trap of 'O, I can clean this up" and "this need to be done too" and before you know it considerable time has passed. All this time I kept the changes private not willing to give something to others, which was not ready in my eyes. I am still not entirely happy yet, with what has been put in the official git repository but it is getting there. Almost one year ago I started cleaning up libdvbpsi with the intention to unify the API (especially the order of arguments, et al), being stricter with argument types, simplifying some internal structures, removing printf's (replaced them with a callback). As a result all applications that use libdvbpsi to parse DVB PSI tables need to update. Under libdvbpsi/doc there is a document that helps you with this task "howto-new-api.doxygen". Try it out and give me feedback.

Recent releases

  •  16 Apr 2014 15:09

    Release Notes: This release has various new descriptors (0xa0, 0xa1, 0x53, 0x81 and 0x86) and bugfixes found with Coverity Scan. You need to update your applications when migrating from a former libdvbpsi release.

    •  10 Nov 2013 12:39

      Release Notes: This minor release fixes various ATSC PSI table bugs, adds a CRC check bugfix in dvbpsi_packet_push(), fixes dvbinfo bugs, and adds a PAT fix to ignore PMT with pid 0 (closing vlc ticket #9695).

      •  02 Oct 2013 16:24

        Release Notes: A minor release for libdvbpsi fixing various OS compatibility, documentation, and dvbinfo bugs. Also some TDT, TOT, and SDT PSI table fixes are included.

        •  23 Apr 2013 08:31

          Release Notes: Deprecated APIs were removed and the library version number was bumped. Various bugs were fixed including PSI table parser offsets and CRC32 validation. A new descriptor 0x54 (Content Descriptor) was added and NVOD is now recognized in EIT tables.

          •  28 Dec 2012 10:27

            Release Notes: This release has been cleaned up, API's made more consistent, tables added, descriptors added, and bugs fixed. You need to update your applications when migrating from a former libdvbpsi release.


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