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libjpeg is a library for handling the JPEG (JFIF) image format. Included are the programs cjpeg and djpeg for converting to and from this format, jpegtran to perform some lossless transformations on JPEG imagess, and rdjpgcom and wrjpgcom to manipulate JFIF comments.

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Release Notes: Support has been added for lossless coding of RGB images with significantly improved compression. These files are incompatible with previous versions of libjpeg, yet compatible with other JPEG standards (e.g., JPEG-LS part 2). Files with invalid component identifiers (such as created by Adobe PDF) are now tolerated. Various other enhancements and several fixes have been made.

Release Notes: The "-rgb" option was added to cjpeg to allow creation of RGB JPEG files. An option to disable the region adjustment in the transupp crop code was added. Various minor fixes were made.

  •  30 Apr 2011 04:47

    Release Notes: A -block N option was added to the compression library and cjpeg for using different DCT block sizes. Values of 1 to 16 are possible, and the default is 8 (baseline format). Larger values produce higher compression, while smaller values produce higher quality. A SmartScale capable decoder (introduced with IJG JPEG 8) is required.

    •  02 Jun 2010 18:44

    Release Notes: A problem in the new memory source manager with corrupt JPEG data has been resolved. An issue in the test target was fixed. MinGW installation is now supported with automatic configuration.

    Release Notes: New data source and destination managers, jpeg_mem_src() and jpeg_mem_dest(), were added to the API. The accuracy of floating point IDCT calculations was improved. jpegtran now supports the same "-scale" option as djpeg for "lossless" resize. Support for 32-bit BPMs (RGB images with an alpha channel) was added. A potential crash in the BMP reader module was fixed.

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    19 Apr 2010 16:56 rcrdo

    a mailinglist and bug tracker would be cool to have

    02 May 2007 14:27 manuel80

    Is is version 6b the latest stable release?


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