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libpetey is a small scientific/numerical computation library. It includes the following components: templated sorting routines; templated binary tree classes; a templated linked-list class; routines for finding the k-least and k-greatest elements in an array; "supernewton", a one-dimensional root-finding algorithm based on cubic interpolation; a class for working with dates and times; a function for easy parsing of command line options; datasets (the beginnings of a data-representation paradigm that generalizes matrices but is mainly useful for n-dimensional linear interpolation); and sparse matrix library including command-line utilities for sparse matrix multiplication and eigenvalue decomposition as well as a sparse matrix calculator.

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Sparse matrix calculator 15 Mar 2012

The sparse matrix library component of this software is currently under some upheaval. The reason relates to another project, called principal com...

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  •  15 Apr 2014 12:08

    Release Notes: Namespaces were added. Full matrix utilities have been "un-inlined" and moved down to the main library/directory.

    •  06 Aug 2013 13:19

      Release Notes: The sparse matrix calculator has been expanded and refined, and now has a man page and comprehensive online documentation. A date calculator was added to the distribution. New C++ wrapper routines were provided for ARPACK. A serious limitation in supernewton has finally been addressed.

      •  12 Dec 2012 04:53

        Release Notes: The sparse matrix calculator is now up and running. It is, however, completely barebones, and has undergone almost no testing.

        •  14 Sep 2012 21:13

          Release Notes: Several minor but important changes and additions have been made to revision 220: the Runge-Kutta integration routine now has a thread-safe version; a k-least algorithm based on a quicksort has been added; a complete hierarchy of matrix classes, including a sparse-matrix array, has been added; a new symbol table class has been added; a new "smart" pointer class has also been added; and finally, the leading and trailing underscores in Fortran functions called from C programs can be controlled from the makefile.


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