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libquickmail is a library intended to give C/C++ developers a quick and easy way to send email from their applications. It supports multiple To/Cc/Bcc recipients and multiple MIME attachments without size limitation. It uses libcurl for SMTP communication, but a light version is also included without the libcurl dependancy. The library can also be used to just create a multipart MIME message body. It also comes with a command line application for sending mail (with optional attachments).

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RSS Recent releases

  •  20 Apr 2014 17:11

    Release Notes: This release fixes an additional line break after the Date header.

    •  20 Jan 2014 23:11

      Release Notes: This release fixes the Date header to show the local time with proper UTC offset, fixes line breaks in source files (Unix EOL), and shows only the version of libcurl instead of all its components.

      •  23 Oct 2013 03:41

        Release Notes: API change: a mimetype parameter has been added to the following functions: quickmail_list_attachment_callback_fn, quickmail_add_attachment_file, quickmail_add_attachment_memory, and quickmail_add_attachment_custom. Code has been added to catch failing malloc/realloc when out of memory.

        •  03 May 2013 21:51

          Release Notes: This release adds a header line for body: Content-Disposition: inline. It uses angle brackets with CURLOPT_MAIL_FROM/CURLOPT_MAIL_RCPT. It adds the command line options -u username -w password.

          •  19 Feb 2013 00:03

          Release Notes: In the library, this release fixes a memory leak in quickmail_get_data when handling body data, uses LF instead of CRLF in headers (fixing a specific test case), fixes bugs in custom body/attachment handling, and changes to support Microsoft Visual C. In the commandline application, this release accepts the body from stdin if not supplied, checks that at least one destination is supplied, and adds a -m commandline parameter for the MIME type of the body.


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