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libutil++ provides a number of C++ utility classes for items such as IP Address (v4/v6), Socket, Command Line, Compression, Encryption, Logging, String, Time, Interface, and Task classes.

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  •  09 Mar 2014 20:11

Release Notes: This release adds full IPv6 support to Socket classes, adds json, c_json, xml, and c_xml helper functions to Variant, and changes the default log mask to LOG_DEBUG. It fixes the output of null Variants within an Object, libutilxx__package() and libutilxx__version, logic error in Socket::isUsable(), compiler warnings with Log's debug macros with NDEBUG set, and a bug with Process::getPath() not appending a null.

  •  05 Jan 2014 01:53

Release Notes: This release improves SWIG PERL compatibility by adding ifdef around Variant's Null constructor. The log's debug macros with NDEBUG defined now substitute with false.

  •  09 Dec 2013 23:01

Release Notes: This release adds a Variant class, and has simplified and extended custom exception and log classes.

  •  17 Feb 2013 02:17

Release Notes: This release adds support for IPPrefixes (CIDR notation) and functions to check if another IPPrefix or IPAddress (IPv4 and IPv6) are contained within, optimized IPv6 comparisons in IPAddress, sub-expression support in regex_match, regex_imatch, regex_search, and regex_isearch, and enhancements to Exceptions.

  •  12 Feb 2013 13:44

Release Notes: This release added support for passing a vector of trace options, and added macros for SET_TRACE, UNSET_TRACE, CLEAR_TRACE, and HAS_TRACE to Log. trim, ltrim, rtrim, substr_ireplace, regex_replace, regex_ireplace, regex_match, regex_imatch, regex_search, and regex_isearch were added to String. A missing unistd.h include was added for GCC 4.7. clear() was added to IPAddress. Functions for getting MAC addresses were added to Interface. A test program was added for verifying library calls. This is also useful as an example of how to use the library.


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