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libx1f4l2 is a data structures library. Featured are self balancing BSTs and self balancing BST backed lists. The BST (binary search tree) selection includes AVL, red/black, AA, and RBST trees in simple, parent pointer, and threaded flavors. The BST backed lists are all-purpose lists, allowing for sequential and random access. The complexity for most operations is log(N), including reading, inserting, and deleting, random or sequential. Other library features include pointer sets and tries. A collection of demo, test, and data structure comparison programs is included.


RSS Recent releases

  •  26 Jan 2014 00:42

    Release Notes: This release adds a new trie-based associative array. The new breed uses one or more bytes for branch selection. Several recursive trie insertion algorithms are replaced by non-recursive versions.

    •  11 Aug 2013 18:05

      Release Notes: The b-tree based sequence library has been extended.

      •  14 Apr 2013 18:42

        Release Notes: Data swapping utilities for some of the featured data structures were added.

        •  18 Mar 2013 13:57

          Release Notes: A bug in the deletion algorithm of the previously-introduced radix tree associative array was fixed.

          •  10 Mar 2013 19:11

            Release Notes: A new radix tree associative array breed is introduced. The array maps pointer for string keys. It organizes its dense nodes as lookup tables and the sparse nodes as sorted compact tables. The new structure generally performs better than similar structures that keep all nodes organized as sorted tables, except for deletion.


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