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  •  18 Jan 2014 18:49

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the S3M loader which reduced the replay time of certain modules and fixes decoding errors in the Digitrakker loader. It also fixes Mac OS X dylib versioning.

Release Notes: This release adds new API calls to load modules from memory, to query the player state, and to play module instruments and external samples on reserved channels alongside regular module replay. A loader for His Master's Noise modules has been added, and Noisetracker module decoding was improved. Many bugs have been fixed, notably in MED synth effects, 16-bit sample loops in S3M files, LHa header parsing, and thread safety in Archimedes Tracker and Digital Tracker loaders. Other changes include code refactoring and optimizations.

Release Notes: This release adds a function to play fixed-size buffers to the API, improves precision of the IT lowpass filter, and contains bugfixes for simultaneous volume up and down, IT envelopes with no envelope points, Amusic module loading, and MED pitch slides, portamento, and pattern reading. Build issues were addressed for Cygwin and MinGW, and a buffer overflow was fixed in the MASI loader.

Release Notes: This release improves IT replaying by implementing missing features such as volume column vibrato, a pattern row delay effect, and the fine global volume slide effect. Bugs in IT instrument vibrato, virtual channel volumes, past note effects, and note fading have been fixed.


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