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Release Notes: This release adds support for ADPCM samples in XM files, and implements an OctaMED channel pan effect. It also fixes OctaMED MMD2 and MMD3 note and sample mapping, the XM channel pan effect, and a disabled pan in IT instruments.

Release Notes: This release has fixes for the Impulse Tracker tempo slide effect, for the Visual C++ nmake build, for Win64 portability, and for 15-instrument Soundtracker sample loops, and many fixes for OctaMED modules, including 2-to-7 octave IFFOCT samples, hold and decay support, vibrato depth, and synth instrument volume.

Release Notes: This release fixes limit checking when downmixing to unsigned samples. It also fixes Multitracker fine tuning, adds Graoumf Tracker linear volume effects, and fixes memory leaks when loading corrupted module files.

Release Notes: This release improves precision in portamento effects and implements the XM "set envelope position" effect. It also addresses build issues in Mac OS X, Solaris, and Haiku.

Release Notes: This release adds a function to play fixed-size buffers to the API, improves precision of the IT lowpass filter, and contains bugfixes for simultaneous volume up and down, IT envelopes with no envelope points, Amusic module loading, and MED pitch slides, portamento, and pattern reading. Build issues were addressed for Cygwin and MinGW, and a buffer overflow was fixed in the MASI loader.

Release Notes: This release fixes bugs in IT effects including volume column slide to note, pan setting, vibrato depth adjustments, portamento after fadeout, panbrello waveform setting, tremolo depth, and random waveform.

Release Notes: This release adds module quirks for well-known cases and a built-in zoo depacker. Bugs in IT pan effects, MED BPM tempo setting, global volume slides, and bidirectional sample loops have been fixed.

Release Notes: This release improves IT replaying by implementing missing features such as volume column vibrato, a pattern row delay effect, and the fine global volume slide effect. Bugs in IT instrument vibrato, virtual channel volumes, past note effects, and note fading have been fixed.


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