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Release Notes: Implementation of the CMIS method getObjectByPath Disallows uploading of specific file extensions. HTML support for message templates. A tag flow widget to define a document's tags. Register the preview visualization as an event in the history. A redesigned login page. A reload button on the documents browsing bar. Handles templates and extended attributes through the CMIS interface. A bug where Tomcat applications failed to stop has been fixed.

Release Notes: This release added an email contacts address book, restore of deleted folders, bulk checkout/checkin, and Smart Client 4.0, Spring 3.2.3, Hibernate 4.1, and GWT 2.5.1. Date formatting for English-UK and English-AU was implemented. US date format is supported in the date editing widget. A problem where folder specification was not used when searching for aliases was fixed along with an error sending internal messages.

Release Notes: The user interface was upgraded. A new Boolean extended attribute type was added. Full text search in WebService was fixed along with an inability to update preset attributes via WebSevices, an error in statistical graphs, and incorrect page order in the preview.

Release Notes: A customizable user dashboard was added. Performance when deleting massive folders and when previewing multi-page documents was improved. Support for the Swedish language was added. The Flash used to display the Repository Statistics and the Tag Cloud were replaced with JavaScript components.

  •  25 Jun 2012 21:46

Release Notes: Configurable action on a document's double click. An option to select a folder with code completion (search in folder). The ability to change the default document details tab.

Release Notes: This release has the ability to specify a base document template and metadata for each Folder. There are Bookmarks on Folders; the ability to perform searches against folders; and a configurable default page (per user) after login. Improvements: configurable document preview (viewer size); permanent download link; HTML formatting when sending documents in email; and improved management of notes on documents. Loading time of documents and folders has been cut by 35%. All the translations of the GUI are enabled by default. Downloading of document son Safari produces files with incorrect characters.

  •  20 Feb 2012 23:34

Release Notes: This is essentially a bugfix release that includes some small improvements affecting particularly the GUI of the system. It moves the folder name to the beginning of the tab/window title, has support for additional characters for usernames, and indicates the effective search depth. The document upload folder not being cleaned up after checkin, incorrect file upload after repeated checkin/checkout, and export to zip not generating a zip have been fixed.

Release Notes: A Thumbnail tab was added to the document details panel for fast preview. Multiple selection of elements in the document list and display of document extended properties were optimized. OCR on PDF documents was improved. A complete localization of labels in Chinese and Russian was provided. Internet Explorer 8 issues, calculation of document size after checkin, the sender field when sending e-mails, and a GUI bug in the extended properties editor were fixed. The list of supported browsers is IE8, IE9, Firefox 5/6, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

Release Notes: A new system is used for adding notes to a document. The parsers for file extensions can be configured dynamically. A full preview can be shown of email document types. A tagcloud can be displayed for languages like Chinese or Arabic. Progressive search can be performed. Preview of PDF files and multimedia files was improved. The tag insertion interface was improved.

Release Notes: New features include a document rating system, the ability to send multiple documents by email as attachments or zip files, full Dutch support, the ability to move documents between folders with drag'n'drop, and RTL support in the Arabic language. Users forgetting their passwords can now email the administrator for help. Improvements were made for extraction of text from PDF forms and metadata extraction from image files. The listing configuration is saved for important tables. Labels can be specified for custom fields on templates. The Jackrabbit dependency was upgraded to 1.6.4. The inability to save when adding multiple tags was fixed.


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