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LPAR2RRD makes historical, future trends and nearly "realtime" CPU utilization graphs of LPARs and shared CPU usage of IBM Power servers. It collects complete physical and logical configuration of all servers/LPARs. It is agent-less (it gets everything from the HMC/SDMC or IVM). It supports all kinds of logical partitions (AIX/AS400/Linux/VIOS).

Operating Systems

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STOR2RRD: storage monitoring 22 May 2013

There is a new product called STOR2RRD. It is a tool for storage performance monitoring and capacity planning.

So far IBM DS8000 series is suppo...

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  •  19 Mar 2014 20:27

Release Notes: This release adds an OS agent extension and a Memory Configuration Advisor.

  •  07 Nov 2013 00:35

    Release Notes: This release adds an Operating System agent for retrieving memory and paging utilization data from LPARs.

    •  30 May 2013 02:54

      Release Notes: A CPU Configuration Advisor was added. It aims to provide automatic verification of CPU logical setup for all your LPARs and POOLs based on historical utilization data.

      •  19 Feb 2013 00:08

      Release Notes: This release supports lpar renaming and much faster processing.

      •  19 Dec 2012 02:58

        Release Notes: This release fixes two issues which appeared in 3.30. Check the lpar2rrd 3.30 release notes for a manual fix of 3.30 if you already running that version.

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        20 Jul 2011 09:49 pahampl

        Professional support can be ordered here :

        20 May 2009 19:20 pahampl

        Ive set up the mailing list :
        - To post on your mailing list, simply send email to
        - Users can subscribe to your list by sending email to
        lpar2rrd-request@freel... with 'subscribe' in the Subject field OR by
        visiting your list page at The
        web-based administration suite allows you to add subscribers manually


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