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Release Notes: Several bugfixes and improvements, such as eliminating a limit on the number of IP addresses passed to the parent process for the nsl-fork feature, showing ETA for FTP downloads as is done for HTTP downloads, and inferring MIME types for gopher servers. There are other fixes for the gnutls configuration, etc.

Release Notes: The initial changes for 2.8.7 development were made, such as updating version numbers and resyncing message libraries. One bug regarding printing a localized version message was fixed.

Release Notes: This release adds a sample script for older color schemes. It improves the VMS build scripts.

Release Notes: This version features intial changes to rewrite UTF-8 support using ncursesw. It supports deflate compression, adds command-line options to improve scripting with the -dump option, and includes several bugfixes for locale and compression features. There is a port to the VMS IA64 platform.

Release Notes: Mailcap support for "test" commands was improved. The "-dump" option was modified to dump multiple sources. Other bugfixes were made.

Release Notes: This release made the data sent in "Accept:" and "Accept-Encoding:" more configurable to work around limitations of some Web servers. The association of file suffixes with applications was improved.

Release Notes: This release adds improved SSL support (checking for certificates and reusing a userid/password), updates/extends NLS message libraries, corrects the "---restrictions" option, improves scripting, and adds many other small fixes and improvements.


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